Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another Good Day of Hunting

Photo by: Steven Featherstone
This is what we are looking for, but it's not always this easy.
With the overcast skies and rain Saturday morning it did not look like a hopeful day for the Python Hunters. But determined to use our day off out in the Everglades we headed out early for a hunt. Ruben and George in one car, Blake and Devin in another, in order to cover as much ground as possible. Most of the morning went with no success. The morning started out with little hope until about 9:30am when the clouds separated and gave us some sun. By 10:30am the sun was beating down hard and warming up the ground. Both groups had covered several miles of canal by this point. At 11:54 AM I (Blake) and Devin spotted the first python of the day. She was half way sticking out of the weeds on the edge of the canal heading back into the brush. I quickly ran and grabbed the tail and began the fight. Feeling that the snake was stronger than me, I yelled for Devin's help. The snake was inching forward out of my hands but together we were able to remove the snake and bag it. 

Not 5 minutes later Ruben calls to tell us, him and George had got one too. 

We met up and took a few group shots with our catches of the day. 

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