Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Florida Python Challenge

The Florida Python Challenge starts today Jan. 12, 2013. Blake, Devin, Ruban and George all headed up to the UF Research Center for the kickoff earlier today. After meeting with many news crews and media they are ready to get this challenge started. Ruban Ramirez is the Hunter Hopeful to win this thing, he's got it all, experience, time and talent. But we know that every hunter needs a little luck. Even though there are tons of pythons living in the Florida Everglades, their color and pattern make it nearly impossible to spot them. Not to mention the thick, deep grass that covers the Everglades. Want more information on the Python Challenge check out the website Here. The boys are heading out on a hunt with some media tonight.

We will be updating this blog as much as possible durning the challenge, but lets be honest if we aren't hunting we are going to school, work, or spending time with our families. So every catch will probably not be accounted for.

Wish us luck and let the Challenge begin!

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